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Google Apps Update Roundup: Top 3 New Features for Google Apps Users in June 2016

giddy-up-google.pngAnother month means another set of Google Apps New Features, and June is no exception. The latest update to Google Apps has brought new features to consumers and business customers alike, and in this article we'll be discussing the three big new features for the consumer side of things. Let's begin!

1. Verified Business Info in Contacts


Phone service and the Internet is becoming integrated more and more in recent years, and this new feature is a part of that. If you use Google Contacts to keep track of your contacts, you may save contact numbers of particular businesses or partners that you work with/order from regularly. With this addition, any number in Google Contacts that matches with a business in Google Maps will display extra information from the Google Maps listing. This information includes a profile picture, its location, and its website.

Additionally, no information added from Maps will override the information you already have in Contacts. It's a straight upgrade!


2. Better Mobile Editing in Docs and Sheets


Editing an important document on the go can be a pain without a laptop. In addition to the smaller screen, you'll often have to deal with a lack of features compared to the desktop counterpart. These Google Apps New Features additions to the Docs and Sheets apps should help alleviate that.

Docs receives the ability to edit documents while they're in the Print layout view. This allows you to edit your document without worrying about breaking the layout you want it to appear in when it's being printed.google-apps-2-step-login.png

Meanwhile, Sheets receives the ability to add conditional formatting rules. This feature is already available on desktop versions, but basically it allows you to set certain conditions (like a word/number) that changes the formatting of the affected cell, row, or column. This can be seen in background colors, text properties and other formatting options.


3. Easier 2-Step Verification

Finally, there's easier 2-Step Verification, or 2SV for short. 2SV as it is adds your mobile phone as a lock to your account, preventing people from getting into it with just your password alone. The pre-existing 2SV system allowed people to enter a verification vode or security key, but with the latest updates users can now opt to have simple "Yes/No" prompts appear on their mobile phones.

This greatly simplifies 2-Step Verification, which saves consumers time. In an administrative setting, this also simplifies some headaches they might otherwise have to deal with.


Enjoy the updates from The Google Apps team this month and be sure to subscribe to our blog on the right to keep up to date with Best Practices!



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