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Top New Features for Google Apps Admins in May 2016

business-apps-updates-roundup.pngRecently, Google made a major update to Google Apps that introduced three new APIs and, with them, multiple new features to the Google Apps suite. Fortunately, all of these new features mean a lot more power is in the hands of Google Apps Admins. Let's discuss the most prominent ones.

The New Google Apps APIs

These new APIs are known as Sheets, Slides and Classroom. Sheets deals with Google Sheets, which is Google's spreadsheet and data sheet solution, while Slides is related to Google's PowerPoint-esque presentation software. Classroom is wholly new and all about education, creating assignments and such for a school environment. At the time of writing, the Slides API hasn't been launched, but the features it'll offer include the ability to easily push data from Slides into organized reports.   Read More Here: New ways to keep data flowing between your apps and ours


Check out the 2 Minute introduction to the new Google Sheets APis. below.



Google BigQuery Integration in Spreadsheets & Drive


BigQuery is a service from Google that manages analytics data, and integration with Google Drive now means that Drive can manage these files in Drive and export them from BigQuery. This is a huge boon to usability for both applications.  This is Big! Google BigQuery integrates with Google Drive



Better Searches in Apps Admin Reports


In the Google Apps Admin Console, you can access Audit Reports. Audit Reports are a powerful, key feature for Apps Administration that can be used to look through data gathered from emails, App Usage and more. Searches in Audit Reports have used search filters for quite some time, but a mild usability error was present: whenever you began typing into the filters, the searches would automatically begin, which could be disorienting. To make searches through Audit Reports make a little bit more sense, Filters now have a proper Search button that has to be clicked before the search is executed.   The Google Apps team has more work to do on reporting but this is another great improvement.  Improved search and filter experience in Reports section of Admin console



2048-bit DKIM Security Keys for Gmail

DKIM, or DomainKey Identified Mail, is a type of email authentification that verifies what domain an email is coming from. DKIM is useful to avoid being impersonated in business emails, but the old 1024-bit standard has been compromised as of late. Because of this, Google has upgraded their DKIM authentication to 2048-bit keys, though domain owners need to check with their providers if 2048-bit keys are supported.      Setup Up 2048-Bit DKIM security Keys now and help prevent email spoofing!   Get rid of spoofers: digitally sign your Gmail messages with 2048-bit DKIM keys


Learning More

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