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Apps Admins & The Key to Securing G Suite Business


G Suite users - I worry about you.  I’ve been a Google partner for over 5 years now and when it comes to organizations, especially emerging mid-size businesses in the 10-100 user space, I’ve seen it all.   Two things you need to know for 2017:  1) You are the low-hanging fruit for hackers  2)  Protecting your employees and everything you’ve worked for is a no-brainer in Google Cloud.  Read this article and I’ll literally give you the keys to protecting your Google accounts.


Why companies with 10-100 Employees on G Suite are “low hanging fruit” for Cybertheft.


Small and mid-size companies are more frequently becoming the targets of attacks because hackers view their data as easy to access. Attackers know this because small and mid-size companies invest far less in cyber security than their larger counterparts. In order to close this security gap, smaller companies need to reevaluate their security needs and start relying more on their service provider’s expertise.


Google’s Cloud Infrastructure is the most secure environment in the world to manage and store your company's sensitive data. Google’s enterprise services are designed to deliver better security than traditional on-premise solutions and any other cloud provider out there.



Make Sure Users Double Lock the Door.


G Suite Business (and basic) include 2 factor-verification.  What is it?  Simply put it adds a physical layer of security.  In addition to something you know (your password) a hacker needs to have something physical of yours ( a cell phone or key)


Here’s how the 2-Step Verification Process works for G Suite.  After you enter your username and password at Google or a supported cloud service you receive a text message with a code, you enter the code as the second step and are logged in.


The problem is that text messaging based security is confusing to staff and can be cumbersome to setup and deploy.    If a phone is dead or can’t receive a message, the employee can’t login.   That’s probably why most very smart organizations still don’t deploy it, It’s a pain for users and especially the Apps Admin.  Until Recently.


Here’s the Key to G Suite Security and how to get them for Free


The latest and greatest for 2 step verification is a Security Key.  It’s a small USB device that kind of acts and works like a traditional key or digital key fob.


Each Security Key has an individualized secure chip which performs cryptographic functions triggered by a simple touch of the key. You never see the details, but behind the scenes FIDO U2F Security Key provides a unique public and private key pair for each application it protects. Only those keys can correctly complete the cryptographic challenge required for login.



  1. Enter your usual username and password in the login field of any G Suite app.
  2. Insert your Security Key in a USB port.
  3. Simply touch the gold button to generate your secure login credentials.

Upgrade to G Suite Business and Get Free Security Keys for Everyone in the Company.


I have 10,000 security Keys available for Free to Small Businesses on G Suite Basic.   Google Certified Administrators will also help deploy 2-Step Verification and the keys for your organization at no cost.