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Moving your G Suite Licenses to a Google Cloud Partner

G-Suite-licenses-to-Google-Cloud-partnerAn increasing number of G Suite customers are now having their accounts managed by Google Cloud Partners.   The option allows businesses to leverage the reseller's expertise in technical management and dealing with Google directly as well as flexible billing terms and personal solutions.

When you opt to make the switch, you generate a G Suite Token in the admin panel to provide to the reseller.   Doing so enables the Google authorized Partner to perform a wide array of actions on your account.   The partner can directly support the domain with access to most of the Admin Console.  

The permissions are dependent on the level of access you grant the reseller.  For the protective apps administrator Google provides one click restriction in the G Suite Admin Console for reseller access.    The tech giant also provides a comprehensive directory of Google authorized G Suite Partners. You can search for the ideal reseller in your area. Once you pick a reseller, Google will link your account to the partner using a transfer token.

Transfering the management of your G Suite account to the third party service provider does not mean you lose super administrator rights. Transfering licenses translate to your account being listed as one the reseller's G Suite clients. The transfer token can be generated on your behalf by the Google Partner.


G Suite Pricing: How transferred customers are billed

If you choose to transfer your G Suite account to a Google Cloud Partner, Google treats it as a new subscription. This means that the reseller is billed for the accounts or user licenses.

Resellers are expected to enroll clients only when they can resell the products associated with the new accounts. G Suite accounts can come with multiple products and resellers may not cover the entire set. Inability to transfer some products like Drive storage licenses creates a problem for customers.

Watchpoint:  Annual plan closeout charges and billing eligibility

When you transfer your G Suite pricing plan that is billed annually, you stand to lose out because Google does not offer refunds on prepaid accounts. For this reason, it is recommended that you transfer at the end of your service year (when it is time to renew contracts).

On the other hand, there are no closeout charges when transferring an account on annual plans. The service provider charges you directly up to the date you transfer the account to a reseller. A pro rata system is applicable to the final charge.

Billing Benefits of Licensing through a G Suite Partner

Billing plans are available to customers who meet pre-determined criteria. For instance, customers who transfer to a reseller while on a flexible plan can stay on the same plan or switch to an annual plan. However, it is not possible for a customer on an annual plan to migrate to a flexible plan. Exceptions apply to client organizations that are within 30 days of their renewal date.

Many Google Cloud partners will extend net terms to businesses in good standing.  If you have to put a personal credit card on file with Google for your G Suite licenses and wait to be reimbursed, this is a big benefit.   Most mid-market companies enjoy the net terms offered by Google Cloud partners.


G Suite User license restrictions

Google Cloud Customers on G Suite plans should transfer their account to a new subscription at the beginning of a billing cycle, when possible.   This provides the cleanest transfer scenario.  Also, you may opt to clean up any licensing before the transfer.   Coolhead Tech can help consolidate accounts through internal migrations and coordinate the transfer process.

For clients that are still on the G Suite Free trial offer, resellers can either maintain the free trial or set up a new subscription G Suite pricing plan.

The final step is to accept and sign the Google reseller agreement when planning to transfer your account. This empowers the reseller to assist in managing your services and provide technical support as needed. However, failure to sign the agreement does not affect the billing process, which starts immediately after the Google Partner provision your account.

G Suite Partners are the Future Face of Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides exceptional products through G Suite Basic, Business and Enterprise as well as the burgeoning Google Cloud Platform.   Even as their technical prowess rules the internet in developing and providing these modern day world wonders it is the local Google Cloud experts that can help you plan, deploy and thrive with their products.

Main Benefits of Google Cloud Partners

  • Relationship driven, down-to-earth and accessible
  • Google Certified product specialized knowledge
  • Flexible billing terms, possible discounts
  • Can provide 3rd party accountability of Google


Coolhead Tech helps connect CIOs, IT Directors and Apps Administrators with relevant Google Cloud Partners that match your needs.   If G Suite pricing is your priority we'll connect you with a low cost, no frills reseller.  All the same if you need a Google Cloud partner with Dev-Ops, Change Management or GCP Infrastructure expertise, you'll be wise to let Coolhead Tech introduce you to some of the premier Cloud partners in the world. 

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