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Using Gmail for Business Unified Communications.


Unified communications may sound like another technical buzzword if you never heard the term before. Unified communications is the next rave into unifying and expanding your company. Gmail for Business allows you to text, hold video conferences, share information and data, and so much more.  Let's look at how using Gmail for Business can help with expansion and productivity of your company.

Communicate No Matter Where You Are

No matter where you are or what platform you use, you can now access critical information from anywhere increasing you and your team's productivity through using Gmail for Business. 

Working at home, a coffee shop, or traveling half way around the world is no longer a barrier as long as you have internet access. Gmail for Business allows you to stay connected with your business through the cloud. With Google on your side work is accomplished no matter where you are. You can present or view a presentation or even share critical designs and documents easily through Gmail for Business.

Collaborate Like You Never Have Before

If communication is a constant hurdle, consider Gmail for Business. You can hold video conferences, use interactive whiteboards to brainstorm new ideas, and conduct presentations and slideshows.  With our desktop sharing you can access your computers anytime and anywhere. 

Since Google uses a secure cloud your data is readily accessible to you whenever your need it. You are now able to easily complete projects with the same experience across Google platforms.

Telephony Bonuses

Need speech recognition, fax, call control, IP telephony, e-mail, texting, voice-mail, and other telephony capabilities?  We can provide you with the telephony services that fully integrate into the Google Gmail platform. The seamless Google integration allows you to access your texts, voice-mail, and faxes from anywhere. 

Save valuable productivity time by integrating Gmail for Business, and see the difference an all-in-one-package can do for your company.