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Verifying Your Domain with G Suite


Formerly known as Google Apps for Work, G Suite is a set of cloud-based office communication and productivity tools from Google. G Suite can help you oversee your business more efficiently, enhance your workflow, and enhance communication between employees. G Suite is supported on a peer-to-peer basis by a widespread group of users and Google.

G Suite offers a lot of features and benefits for businesses of all sizes. When it comes to G Suite pricing, Google offers several options. Worried that G Suite may not be the right option for you? No need to fret. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to make sure that the tools provided are a good fit for your business. Signing up for G Suite is extremely simple. The flexible G Suite pricing ensures that you only pay for what you need.

How to Verify Your Domain Ownership

After signing up for G Suite by Google, you will receive a request to verify your domain ownership. You will get this message when you first log in to your G Suite account. Don’t worry, there’s no problem with your account. This only means that Google could not verify your domain automatically during your initial account set up. Verifying your domain helps ensure that no one else is using your domain for Google services without your knowledge.

You have to sign in to your domain host to verify your domain. The Setup Wizard will guide you through the verification process. Your domain host is the site where you bought your domain name. When you sign up for G Suite, you are given a verification record. Once you sign in to your domain host, add this verification record to your domain’s DNS settings/records. When you are done, tell Google to search for this record (using Google Admin console).

Google will find the verification record and verify your G Suite account. You will then be able to use G Suite services. You must have the following to verify your domain with Google:

  • Login credentials for your domain host.
  • The verification record from your G Suite account.
  • Access to your website or your domain’s DNS settings.

Make sure you have this information when trying to verify domain ownership with G Suite. But how long does it take to verify domain ownership with G Suite? Usually, verifying domain ownership with G Suite is a simple process that doesn’t take a lot of time. Adding your G Suite verification takes about ten minutes. It can take up an hour for Google to confirm that you have added the verification file.

You will not be able to use G Suite services if you have not verified domain ownership. Usually, your G Suite account will be automatically canceled if you fail to verify a few days prior to the expiry of your free trial period. If that happens, you will have to sign up again. Remember that verifying your G Suite does not affect your email or website. After verification, use the flexible G Suite pricing plan to subscribe for the option that best fits your business.