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WaitApp Makes A Yummy App for Restaurant Waitlist Management, Reservations

waitapp restaurant wait list managementRestaurant owners: Your table is ready.

There's an app that is revolutionizing wait list management and restaurant mobile marketing all at the same time.

If you are looking to get rid of your outdated, expensive restaurant pager system once and for all, today's Coolhead Tech featured small business app may be the answer.WaitApp helps you increase your walk-in business, fill lost tables, lower the number of no-shows and build profits.

WaitApp also provides you and your opt-in customers with two-way, natural conversation text messaging capabilities to build ongoing guest relationships that can last for the life of your business.


WaitApp means no more paper waitlists at your restaurant. Instead of losing information about your guests, capture it and turn it into powerful mobile marketing opportunities.

You'll have no more clunky, expensive restaurant pagers prone to being lost or breaking down. You'll no longer have a lobby/waiting area crowded with customers chained to a limited pager signal range or worrying about hearing their name called.

Your hosts and managers won't be squeezing through crowds to find the next party to be seated because your guests are free to wait wherever they choose. If the wait is long, they can even continue shopping somewhere nearby. They can text back at any time to change the party size or seating preferences, or to cancel. When their table is ready, a single click from your host or hostess will send a “table ready” alert, while WaitApp will send automatic reminders if they don’t claim a table.