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Here's Why You Should Provide Google Apps Training to Employees

google-apps-training-11With the growing percentage of Austin businesses now using Gmail and Drive for Work, Google Apps training has become a real need for many of these companies.

Although the Google suite of Apps is simple to use once users have become accustomed to the interface, you can maximize productivity faster by enrolling your staff in a professionally facilitated Google Apps training course - online or in person.

Everybody Knows How to Use Gmail. Why Should We Invest in Google Apps Training?

Your business is more than just email. Even though staff might spend up to 60% of their day working in a mail client, there are other productivity apps that help them get their job done.

Even staff that use Gmail in a personal capacity probably aren’t aware of all the benefits and advanced features that Gmail has to offer, and then there’s the other apps. A training course will help your business to get the most from Google Apps by introducing staff to advanced features like calendar integration, mailbox management, and collaboration options within Gmail and Google Drive.

Every User Can Be a Power User with Gmail Training

Gmail is a brilliant email application not just because of the features and reliability that it offers, but because it is scalable to your business needs.

A Google Apps training course will help users become more efficient in the way that they work within Gmail. Staff can learn how to create rules, folders, advanced forwarding, and labels within their Gmail accounts. This can help to remove clutter from busy inboxes and reduce the time that staff spend managing their email.

Users that are familiar with Outlook and other competing mail clients will have a slight learning curve when first using Gmail in a business situation. Training will eliminate the learning curve, giving users the knowledge that they need to work more efficiently than ever before.

Training Introduces Users to Powerful Google Apps like Calendar and Drive for Work

Integrated within the Google Apps for Business suite is Google Calendar. Similar to other productivity calendars, Google’s offering allows users to organize their work schedule through appointments, meetings, and reminders. Users who have used Gmail in a personal capacity have probably never touched the calendar app. Within the Google Apps training course, staff can learn how to use the calendar to schedule tasks and important business meetings, allowing them to manage their time more efficiently.

Google Drive is a cloud storage application which is also the hub to Googles productivity apps like the Document and Spreadsheet creators. One of the biggest advantages of Google Apps is the ability to easily share and collaborate with colleagues and partners. Google apps training will introduce staff to the features of the apps within drive while teaching them how to work closer with their colleagues through sharing and collaboration options.

Many businesses might be used to less productive ways of sharing, through network drives or other outdated systems. Google Apps offers a better way to do things with Drive. Training your staff as you transition to google apps will ensure that everyone is able to utilize the new technology from the moment you switch over.

Make Google Apps a Success in Your Business

One common reason for staff resisting change and new technologies is because businesses have failed to present the value, and provide the necessary knowledge to make the most of a new system.

Google Apps training will allow any company to make the most from their investment. Staff will learn more efficient ways to perform their old tasks, while also discovering new features that allow them to work smarter than ever before.