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6 Reasons to Move Your Company to Google Apps and solve Common IT Challenges.


Businesses face many challenges in the modern market to stay competitive being inefficient in one of several key areas can cost a business greatly. One such area is in IT infrastructure. IT is a necessity in the modern world but can be a challenge to maintain.

IT Department challenges are many and include the following:


1)  Company Resources

Maintaining internal software (email servers, data storage, office suites, etc.) takes a great deal of time and company money. Expenses include server upkeep, regular maintenance, upgrades, and OS maintenance which becomes increasingly challenging in multiple OS environments.


2)  Software Issues:

Software issues can vary greatly. For example only having so much storage space can result in small email boxes. While not disqualifying in and of itself this can still create a frustrating situation for end users and message saving. A more severe issue could be what is known as ‘data silos’ where company information becomes fragmented due to local data servers not communicating with each other due to a lack of cloud computing.


3)  Hardware Issues:

A common hardware issue that companies that keep everything in house encounter is disk space problems. As a company does business and grows data storage needs slowly increase which consume more and more space. Also there is the chance of major server failure as hardware ages which is further complicated when data restoration is reliant on information backed up from several different hard drives.


4)  External Threats:

Data theft has become a common danger with multinational companies having their information stolen having been in the press in recent years. Data theft not only puts businesses at risk it also puts their customers at risk. Protecting your end users from phishing, virus attacks, spam (both benign and dangerous), and ransomware requires time and specific expertise.


5)  Compliance:

Compliance is a constant challenge aside from meeting ever changing internal compliance effort must also be taken to meet compliance on the state, federal, and international level. Compliance violations can lead to strict fines and even legal concerns.


6) Overall IT Inefficiency:

Overall Inefficiency as noted above data silos are a common outcome when internal databases and company software does not communicate. This makes daily business inefficient and can cause errors due to employees simply not having current information. This also makes information sharing and collaboration between departments increasingly difficult.


How Google Apps Help Businesses Solve These Common IT Department Challenges


Google Apps For Business not only gives your company access to modern well made software it also helps you solve many of the issues businesses face with their IT requirements. These solutions are as follows:

  • Company Resources: Google Apps greatly reduce your company expenses. By using Google’s software your company no longer has to maintain onsite databases and hardware. You also no longer have to worry about software updates as Google Apps are cloud based meaning everyone is always on the newest software version released.

  • Software Issues: email storage is no longer an issue as Google offers every end user 25 GBs of storage allowing them to save old messages, records, and important communication. Also data is freely sharable and updated in real time making data silos an issue of the past.

  • Hardware Issues: Google runs their own highly secure network system. With servers having a 99% uptime agreement data is always accessible plus due to being stored offsite you don’t have to worry about disk usage, restoration, and can purchase additional storage space as/if needed. Also Google allows companies using their Apps For Work platform to download their data free of charge whenever needed.

  • External Threats: Google’s safety is hard to match in the industry. Their data centers are careful guarded, their hardware customized, and their internal OS system locked down. Google Apps also protect end users through warnings and guarding against common threats such as phishing sites. By having your data stored on their servers instead of your own you no longer have to worry about data safety.

  • Compliance: aside from Google themselves meeting a multitude of federal and international compliance requirements you also have the ability to control your internal network through administrative control tools and the security center.

  • Overall Inefficiency: using Google Apps for your business greatly improves company efficiency. Data is updated in real time eliminating the need to send email updates or access current information. Collaboration is also easier as Google Apps can be accessed from mobile devices, desktop computers, laptops, and a multitude of common operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). This commonality across various platform eliminates platform compatibility issues.