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Q3 Recap: Work Better Together with these new features for Google Apps

3rdquarterhighlightsWe want your team to be as efficient as they can be, to work together more effectively and envision and create a culture of innovation.  Take advantage of these new features from Q3 that you may have missed in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms. 

Working more efficiently with Google Docs

The new functionality in Docs makes work more efficient. You can now work on the go and even use voice typing. 

Research in Google Docs on your Android device

The new Docs Android app allows you to research on the go, whenever and wherever you are. You can seamlessly do Google searches without even leaving the app, then add those stats, images and quotes directly to the article or blog post you're writing. Less time spent going back and forth between apps means more time to concentrate on your writing and interacting with your readers.

Use voice typing in Google Docs

Voice typing lets you dictate your rough draft and your ideas directly into Docs without a keyboard. It works with both Android and iOS devices and is great for getting those ideas down even when you're riding in a car, waiting for a client or taking a walk on the beach. You simply select Voice typing from the tools menu, click the microphone icon and start speaking. It's that easy. Voice typing is available in 40 languages.

Collaborating more effectively with Google Docs, Slides and Forms

See new changes in Google Docs

A new feature in Google Docs allows you to easily see all of the changes made to a Docs file (and who made them) with just one touch of the mouse. Simply click on the "see new changes" option at the top of the document. This way you can pick up right where your teammates left off.

Positive changes to Google Forms

Another great change in Google apps for work is the new look, feel and functionality of Google Forms. This app not only has a new mobile-friendly interface, but there are new themes and color palettes, a new option to customize your document with a photo or logo and new buttons to easily insert images and other graphics. It's also now much simpler to analyze responses. They now show up in the same window as the form editor.

Google Fonts preserved from Word to Powerpoint

No longer do you need to worry about your fonts and careful formatting not migrating from Word to Powerpoint. Google Fonts are now preserved when you download Docs and Slides files into Word and PowerPoint--another time saver.

Creating compelling content with Google Apps for Work

New Google feature: Explore in Sheets

A new Google feature--Explore in Sheets--allows you to spend less time analyzing your data and more time using it to better your business. This feature uses the data from your spreadsheets to automatically create charts and pinpoint key insights. You can then drag and drop those charts back into your spreadsheet docs. It's like having a 24/7 analyst on staff.

New partial cell formatting

We all know that one size really doesn't fit all when it comes to spreadsheets. The new partial cell formatting features in Google Sheets allows you to select only a portion of the letters and characters within an individual cell, making your spreadsheets easier to read.

New templates in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

New easy-to-use Google apps for work templates take the emphasis off of formatting and back to content where it belongs. Accessible via the home screen in Docs, Sheets and Slides, these predesigned templates include newsletters, invoices, case studies and more. You can still create your own template, if that's something you and your staff prefer, but you no longer have to take the time if this isn't your forte.

New Presentation Themes in Google Slides

In addition to the new templates, there are 22 new themes within Slides that let you easily create interesting, professional presentations. Some of these new themes are updated versions of previously-offered themes; others are completely new. Access them via the new Themes side panel in Slides. Already using an old theme for a current presentation. These themes will continue to work in existing documents.

Working Better, Together, with a Coolhead for Success

With 2016 on the horizon Coolhead Tech is committed to helping small and mid-size businesses succeed in the Cloud.  As a Google for Work Premier Partner we've proven a higher level of success with clients and look forward to continued growth with you in the coming quarter and year.  

It's exciting for us to partner with companies like Google, RingCentral, Hubspot and others.  Our clients always have access to the latest and greatest and it's our committment to help you succeed by providing you the information, resources and strategies to work better, together.