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The 9 Best Benefits of RingCentral's Integration with G Suite.

RingCentral is a business phone system that is accessed via the Cloud. It is a hosted system that businesses can use for both phone and fax service. Because it is run over the Cloud, the system can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection, just like G Suite.

RingCentral offers integration features that allow it to be used in combination with G Suite Business. When RingCentral is integrated with Google, its features can be accessed via Gmail, and information put into RingCentral can be synchronized with Google Calendar data and vice versa. RingCentral can also be integrated with Google Hangouts and Google Drive.


The following are a just 9 of the many benefits of using RingCentral for Google


  • Using Gmail to make calls and send business text messages.

    Gmail accounts can conveniently be accessed from everywhere. With integrated RingCentral, you can send calls or texts in your RingCentral account using the Gmail interface.

  • Reaching more participants in Google Hangouts by integrating with RingCentral Conferencing.

    If you haven't been seeing the attendance figures you'd like to see in Hangouts meetings, try integrating RingCentral Conferencing. This will expand your reach and encourage greater participation.

  • Faxing documents using Google Drive and/or Google Docs.

    Take advantage of the faxing service offering by RingCentral. Fax directly from Google Drive and Google Docs so that you can easily edit and access documents you need to send out by fax.

  • Combining contact lists in Google and RingCentral.

    Avoid having to track down contact information by conveniently combining lists between Google Contacts and RingCentral data.

  • Scheduling meetings with RingCentral using Google Calendar.

    If you like to use RingCentral Conferencing but you enjoy the convenience of the Google Calendar app, integrate so that you can do your scheduling in Calendar while conducting meetings on the Cloud via RingCentral.

  • Having access to all communications history in one place:

    You can instantly access your communications history in one place with RingCentral for Google Apps. Look up information on calls, faxes, voicemails, group conferences, and texts without having to search through several different screens, menus, and interfaces.

  • Allowing participants who aren't on Hangouts to participate in Hangouts conversations.

    By adding the Ringcentral for Hangouts extension, hangouts can auto-dial into your private Ringcentral conference line so others can call in instead of using Hangouts.

  • Increasing the number of participants in Hangouts.

    Attendees at virtual Hangouts meetings don't have to be on Hangouts if you integrate with RingCentral.

  •  Archiving the audio of Hangouts sessions using RingCentral call recording.

    With RingCentral call recording, you can conveniently record Hangouts sessions so that you can go back and refer to recordings later if questions come up regarding meeting proceedings.


Companies that rely heavily on G Suite Business Apps and wish to connect both a business phone and fax number with these apps should look to RingCentral, and the services they provide. RingCentral is a particularly ideal phone and fax solution for companies that prefer the accessibility, efficiency, and data security benefits of working over the Cloud.

It is also ideal for companies wishing to take advantage of BYOD (bring-your-own-device) policies at their workplaces so that employees may carry out job duties with the devices of their choice. Combining RingCentral with Google for Work apps can take care of many or even all of the software and communication needs at companies operating in a wide range of industries.