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appmaker-appmaker-make-me-an-app.pngGoogle recently announced the launch of their brand-new service, 'App Maker', the latest and greatest entry in the drag-and-drop DevOps market for building exceptional retail and business apps. Google's App Maker makes it easier for people to develop basic applications that are specifically suited for their organization.

For IT Departments and midsize enterprises, App Maker offers:

  • Data integrity with storage inside the G Suite Infrastructure

  • Managed environments will full admin governance regarding access

  • Sanctioned tools with integral IT oversight

  • Quick, one-click deployments for an entire business

  • ROI on the full G-Suite Business investment


The App Maker service includes a development environment that allows you to build the perfect user experience and populate it with data from G-Suite applications, Google Maps, Groups, Contacts, and any other service that provides an API. These applications make use of a single infrastructure ran by G-Suite apps, allowing for simple access. Although the product is still in 'Early Adopter Program' mode, Coolhead Tech will be providing turn-key apps, and co-authoring apps with clients as experts when the program moves into full release.


Who Should be Using App Maker?

Like many solutions in the Google app and digital development world, App Maker was designed for simplicity. This means that it could be the perfect solution for those looking to transform their companies, without a great deal of digital know-how. Google's DevOps service will be particularly appealing to people who may not be able to classify themselves as full-time developers and IT experts.

Because anyone can use the systems, this means that IT teams will be able to devote less time to dealing with requests from specific groups in the workplace, while more ideas can be brought into the light. Most people turn to solutions like App Maker for time-tracking solutions, inventory management, tracking orders and similar solutions. Essentially, they're there to face any problem in the company that might be solved by a basic app.

Simply put, App Maker is a DevOps option that allows companies to develop an app, without having to hire a specific developer. Users who want to delve deeper can also look into more complex solutions thanks to a built-in scripting editor which works similar to a fully-featured IDE.


What Can the App Maker Do for Your Business?

At its core, Google's App Maker is a low-code tool for application development that allows companies to quickly develop and deploy customized apps that address the gaps in their own business. For instance, imagine your retail company was searching for improved solutions for onboarding new team members, App Maker allows you to create a training solution in days. As businesses continue to grow and develop, App Maker can:

  • Take a concept from 'idea' to 'implemented' quickly, and easily. App Maker makes it simpler for IT groups and system administrators alike to design an app, all the way from prototype concepts, to a deployed service. The solution comes with a cloud-based IDE that's simple to use and powerful at the same time. It also features a drag-and-drop UI, built-in templates for inspiration, and data modeling on a point-and-click basis.

  • Accelerate your efforts with the most streamlined solutions available. App Maker embraces a range of popular open standards like CSS, HTML, Google 'material design', and JavaScript. This means that developers don't have to learn new skills or techniques to make the most out of the AppMaker solution, they can simply leverage their existing talents in the space.

  • Build tailor-made integrated services for every need.   App Maker allows you to build a collection of applications specifically designed to meet with the needs of your organization. What's more, the service connects to a range of APIs and data sources. The versatility of the service begins with built-in support for the most popular G Suite products, including a range of services such as Contacts, Maps, Groups, and more.

  • Leverage a range of other Google Cloud services to design a more rich and impressive application experience, from Directory API, and Prediction API, to third-party solutions.

  • Focus on IT delivery over infrastructure. Because App Maker exists on the same trusted and secure infrastructure of G Suite apps such as Drive, Gmail and Docs, developers can easily and safely deploy their apps in the cloud without having to worry about capacity planning, servers, monitoring, and security.


What Makes Google's App Builder Different?

So, what makes AppMaker more appealing than the other app development services on the market? Google have carefully designed their solution to provide a more familiar, and engaging solution for businesses who want to jump into the world of app development. For instance, App Maker provides tight integration with the G Suite, which means that developers can target the needs of business sectors depending on how and where they usually work within G Suite. For instance, sales teams could be offered help to make the most of 'Calendar' for scheduling appointments.


Google's Low Code Development Tool gives midsize enterprises and IT teams:

  • A reduced learning curve: Because most customers who approach App Maker will already have some experience with Apps Script and App Engine, they won't need to learn new skills to get to work.

  • Greater cost efficiency: Google G Suite customers can design App Maker solutions for their business with no additional charge over their existing Apps investment. You can even build as many apps as you like without extra expense.

  • Familiarity: Because the App Maker runs on the Google infrastructure, customers looking to move to the cloud or use the same SaaS service running on Google G-Suite will find App Maker easy and familiar to use.


With App Maker, customers don't need to worry about the complexities of maintaining the infrastructure required to run their apps. Apps designed using App Maker work in the same nerve center as Google Calendar, Gmail, and Drive. Additionally, any new data generated inside the apps designed with App Maker can be stored in Google's new service 'Google Drive Tables', which is a simple structured database that stores information in Google Drive.


Using Google App Maker

Ultimately, for businesses who want to dive into the world of opportunities that Google has to offer, App Maker is yet another service designed to offer simplicity and practicality. With Cool Head Tech, customers will be able to take full advantage of the suite without having to worry about learning new skills, or understanding the latest features. Within a matter of days, you can create an App, or suite of apps that help to streamline your workforce, and improve performance within all aspects of your company.