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$999 Admin Projects: Custom Apps for G Suite and POCs of Google Compute Engine.

google-app-maker-or-google-cloud-platform.pngG Suite Admin, Which would you choose if you had a $999 proof of concept budget?  5 Weeks of Co-Development in Google App Maker or a 5 day personal tour of Google Compute Engine VMs with $500 in GCP credits?  It's your choice Admin, only with Coolhead Tech.   🤘  

In September Coolhead Tech is offering 2 new services to better introduce G Suite Business Admins to Google Cloud Platform. 

If your company isn't yet on G Suite Business, Coolhead Tech will not only help upgrade you but we'll get you a discount on the upgrade from G Suite Basic to Business.    

Coolhead Tech has a great Google Dev-Ops team to deliver projects of any scale now and we can tap existing G Suite resources to optimize your deployment.

Check out these two new Dev-Ops for G Suite Business users below and get in touch with a CHT Apps Admin to get started with Google App Maker and Google Compute Engine with Coolhead Tech.


1)  Get 5 Weeks of Google App Maker Co-Development for $999.



Appmaker is In EAP for G Suite Business customers.  It makes it easy for your team to build and deploy an app. Features like built-in templates, a drag-and-drop UI editor, and point-and-click data modeling accelerate app development. 

Get one month (40 hours) of co-development for $999.  Includes weekly coaching on App Maker's drag-and-drop UI editor and custom coding for the back end.     Register for The 5 Week App Maker App.



2)  Get a 5 Day Tour of Virtual Machines on GCP


Google Compute Engine offers high performance virtual machines, customer-friendly pricing, fast networking, and carbon-neutral impact.

We'll set up 5 sessions over the course of 5-15 days to not only show you the benefits and basics of Virtual Machines on Google Cloud but we can perform live migrations/images of existing servers as proof of concept.   $999 includes $300-$500 of free Google Cloud Platform Credits based on Google's qualifications. Register for the 5 Day Tour of Google Compute Engine.