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Behold! The Power of Integration.

Colhead Tech offers Cloud IT services, including integrating business and cloud applications together.    With the combination of the flexibility of the cloud and the utility of the business application, any business, office or firm can see major benefits from the integration of these technologies with one another.

In this article, we'll discuss the best integrations of business apps with Google Apps and HubSpot. Before that, we'll briefly go over what "integration" means, and how that process is performed through what's called an API.

Explaining APIs and Integration

When we talk about "integration", we're referring to the ability to have two seperate applications work alongside or within each other. Integration doesn't just involve seperate applications either- it can also be used between two different operating systems, or an operating system with an application, an application with a server, etc. All of these examples are possible through what's called an API.

APIs, or Application Programming Interface, are what allow different devices, applications, servers and operating systems to communicate with one another. Thanks to the APIs offered by business and cloud applications, integration is both possible and encouraged.


Our Top 



HelloSign integrates with Gmail and Google Drive to bring full, legally-binding eSignature services to Google Apps. This can be used for contracts, common agreements, etc.


RingCentral's Google Apps integration adds enterprise phone features to Google Apps. This includes calling and texting from Gmail, sending faxes through Drive and using Google Calendar to schedule conference calls, Hangouts and screenshares. To learn more about RingCentral integration in Google Apps, click here.

Hubspot Sales (formerly Hubspot Sidekick)

Remember HubSpot? Through their Sidekick service, they add features like email scheduling, tracking and templates to Gmail. This is an example of inter-cloud integration: but with the main Google Apps integrations out of the way, we're going to move onto the best HubSpot integrations now.


Top 3 HubSpot Integrations



Zendesk is a customer service system rolled out by many major web companies and brick-and-mortar businesses all around the world. By integrating this system with HubSpot, extra tracking abiliites are added to Zendesk's powerful customer service solutions. HubSpot mainly deals with tracking and analytics, and customer service is made better with these added elements: both of these applications are powerful on their own, but make a formidable team combined.



Eventbrite is a service for scheduling and advertising webinars, events, parties and meetings in any given region. Eventbrite can be integrated with HubSpot to be placed in its timeline, allowing you and your business to better manage the events you're hosting or attending.



Freshbooks is an accounting software loved by freelancers and small businesses all over. It covers invoices, expenses, time tracking, and more. With the benefits of its HubSpot integration, FreshBooks will help you see which customers are driving the most revenue to you and your business, allowing you to better prioritize who you're working with. Plus, Freshbooks on its own is pretty powerful.


Learning More

To learn more about business applications and integration, check out our blog. Through our blog, we cover Google Apps, HubSpot, RingCentral and other major business-cloud solutions, in addition to general writing on all kinds of hot tech topics.

If you'd like our help getting your business set up with these solutions, we're a qualified Google Apps for Work and Education partner. This means that we have the knowledge and experience necessary to get you up and running with a powerful Google Apps integration- contact us for a consultation if you'd like more information.