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G-Suite Introduces New Pre-Save Shortcut

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It's no secret that Google has some fierce competition out there when it comes to productivity tools. For years, G-Suite and Microsoft have gone head-to-head with their respective suites. While Microsoft has the 365 range, which includes everything from Excel to PowerPoint, Google has the G-Suite, with its immersive cloud-based tools like Google Docs and Sheets. 

Google has long strived to out-do Microsoft Office's selection of utilities, by introducing advanced new tools and enhancements powered by artificial intelligence. While Office focuses primarily on enterprise solutions, Google seems to have a better resonance with the Education industry and casual users. However, since Kurian took over the Google Cloud environment, we've seen the GCP move more aggressively towards the enterprise landscape. 

Part of this quest to serve the Enterprise comes with the arrival of new features on the G-Suite, like secure Gmail messaging and offline content editing. One of the more recent entries in the G-Suite comes with the addition of a brand-new Pre-save shortcut. 

Watching the G-Suite Evolve

While there are many well-known features in Google G-Suite, Google Docs is probably one of the most renowned options of all. Google Docs has been a part of the G-Suite for the last 13 years - since 2006. Since then, the platform has grown at an astronomical rate. Today, Google gives users everything they need to interact and collaborate in real-time, with instant syncing and multiple integrations with leading tools. 

Recently, Google introduced a brand new short-hand solution for people who want to create 'new' documents and slides as quickly as possible. This was the .new domain shortcut which some employers said saved them a lot of time. Essentially, the .new domain works by rapidly redirecting G-Suite users towards a new blank project in the G-Suite environment. You can use the same .new domain in virtually any project on G-Suite, regardless of whether you're launching a form, a site, a sheet, or a slide. Although this may not seem like a significant upgrade to the G-Suite environment, it saves a lot of time for users that don't want to waste time navigating through G-Suite. 

Unfortunately, when the shorthand solution was introduced last year, it wasn't as intuitive as it needed to be. Google users were often forced to open up the G-Suite website so that they could fix issues with the app. For instance, the .new shortcut would open and save documents under the name of the primary user of the service on Google Chrome or G-Suite. This wasn't always ideal for when content needed to be saved to specific profiles. For instance, you might have accidentally opened and saved an entire project in your personal account, which means that you need to transfer that content over to your business account instead. 

If you've ever had to move material between accounts in the G-Suite before, you'll know that it can be more time consuming and complicated than most business owners would like. 

To resolve the problem, Google has now introduced a new solution that allows users to assign numbers to their profile, and then pre-save documents according to specific figures. Basically, you might add /1 to your save strategy if you want the content to save to your initial account for instance. 

Accessing the New Shortcut

By giving every account in your G-Suite environment its own number, you can make sure that you're not automatically opening and saving new projects or documents under your account, rather than a business account. Once again, although this doesn't seem like a huge update, it's actually a fundamental way to make sure that you're managing your documents correctly in the cloud and avoiding any issues with compliance. 

Google announced that the new and upgraded solution from G-Suite would be available going forward into the summer of 2019. The update is live starting now, and it's also just one of the many advanced updates to come as Google continues to push G-Suite out to users from all environments. As Google continues to expand its efforts in the G-Suites, with small usability updates, the portfolio is gaining more and more traction, increasing the chances that Google will eventually overtake Microsoft. 

Microsoft is going to have to work a lot harder going forward if it wants to hold onto its lead in the productivity suite environment.