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Get a Glimpse Inside your Business with G Suite Work Insights

Get a Glimpse Inside your BusinessLet's face it, one of the toughest parts of leading a digital transformation strategy these days is figuring out how to encourage adoption. After being initially announced in September 2018, Google G-Suite Work Insights is now generally available to companies of all shapes and sizes.

While some of your employees will be more than happy to embrace the latest tools and apps you bring into the office, others will fight against innovation at all costs. The only way to make sure that your business is moving in the right direction is to track what's going on behind the scenes. 

Fortunately for Google G-Suite users, there's a new way to figure out what your employees think about your new tools.

The service was designed for businesses from any vertical that want the opportunity to track app usage within their organization. Work Insights surfaces important information about things like adoption levels, collaboration levels, and work patterns, so you can get to know the way your teams work a little better.

About G-Suite Work Insights

As announced during the Beta release of G-Suite work insights, the app was created to help businesses not only measure the way that apps are being used in their company, but also understand how those apps are affecting performance. Available for G-Suite Enterprise customers, Insights give super and delegated administrators the chance to see what's happening with groups of people in their app environment.

At the organizational tier, insights are available exclusively for teams of 10 people or more. When the beta version of this tool came out on the 19th of September 2018, it featured services like adoption charts, where admin could analyze trends in deployment progress over time. The easy-to-use interface provides information about which Google apps are the most widely adopted. Additionally, you can also create benchmarks and figure out which tools need a little extra work to earn the attention of your employees.

The tool is particularly useful for companies that might be transitioning from on-premise or legacy tools into cloud-based apps for collaboration and communication. 

Google's Work Insights also provides details on how teams are working together within an organization. For example, you can surface information about the percentage of users in your marketing team that is working with groups in your sales team. You'll also be able to check whether they're creating any co-managed documents or projects to eliminate workplace silos. 

New Features on Launch

As usual, Google is celebrating the official launch of Work Insights and general availability with a handful of new and updated features. For instance, managers and credentialed users on G-Suite will be able to see the adoption rates of legacy apps outside of the G-Suite too. This will make it easier to see whether your people still prefer to use their old tools, or whether they're getting the hang of the new system. 

The upgraded G-Suite Work Insights solution also comes with state-of-the-art filtering so you can get more details on your employee groups, and you can check things like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other open-rates in the dashboard too. If any of your licenses are coming to an end, Google will automatically prompt you on the home screen of Work Insights so that you can update accordingly.

The general availability launch of Work Insights for all G-Suite users follows hot on the heels of the new confidentiality mode for Gmail, and the arrival of the G-Suite investigation tool, which arrived last year to help security teams and administrators manage security threats with more confidence in their company. The G-Suite investigation tool was introduced at the same time as the Work Insights beta service and provides admins with insights into suspicious data on employee accounts. 

Together, G-Suite Work Insights and the Google Investigation tool should provide today's business leaders and admins with a better overview of the work happening behind the scenes in their workplace. You'll be able to see how much time employees are spending in meetings, how much time they dedicate to collaboration and more. For instance, you could discover that your team prefers to use Hangouts to Gmail when they're collaborating at work.

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