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Google Explores New Enterprise Chromebooks with Dell


Google has been taking steps to improve it's offering for Enterprises lately. The cloud giant seems to be sick of its position as a "developer-only" or "freemium-friendly" solution for products and services. Since the beginning of this year, the Google Cloud team has gone above and beyond to invest in new services and solutions intended to delight a broader range of consumers - including those from the midsized enterprise environment.

One recent step in the right direction for Google's Enterprise support plan, is the decision to create a selection of brand-new Chromebooks specifically intended for business use. Though we've had plenty of Chomebooks in the past designed for educational facilities and retailers, the Chrome Enterprise solution has been created specifically for enterprises with commercial needs.

At VMWorld 2019, Google announced that one of the first companies it would be partnering with for its new Chromebook deal was Dell - a popular computing company across the globe. 

How Will the New Enterprise Chromebooks Effect You?

If you're already involved with the growing Chrome Enterprise environment, the biggest change to your experience will come in the alterations made to the Google Admin console. Alongside an aesthetic update to the Material design of the console, the Google cloud brand has also redesigned some of the workflow components too. For instance, Search is available on every page, and load times are up to ten times faster too! 

IT experts in the enterprise environment will be able to access a broader range of tools through the new Chrome Enterprise experience. You'll be able to choose Linux environments for your new solutions and set access for specific Chrome OS systems depending on your security needs. There's also the option to manage containers and VPN support in your won back-end environment. Mid-sized enterprise admins will also be able to set updates running and monitor Chromebooks in their enterprise environments. 

According to the details of the latest partnership announcement, any Chromebook device will be able to upgrade to the new Enterprise solution. The biggest news to come from the Dell and Google connection is the fact that your Chrome admin controls will be built right into your hardware. That's why Google announced two new devices as part of the collaboration. Options include:

  • The Dell Latitude 5400 Chromebook Enterprise
  • The Dell Latitude 54300 2-in-1 Chromebook Enterprise

These impressive machines are just some of the first additions that will arrive on the market with new Enterprise functionality built-in. Google also said that as part of the partnership, Dell will also become a reseller for Drive Enterprise, offering access to things like Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Google Drive over the cloud. 

An Exciting Step Forward for Google Enterprise Customers

The updated hardware from Dell and Google is set to follow the trends of the standard Dell laptops that customers know and love. Each of the gadgets come with the option to access an eighth-generation Intel Core processor, and if you choose the larger device with Windows OS, you can pick your Intel Core from a range of options. 

The new Dell gadgets will be shipping with some hefty DDR4 Ram to match their processors too. That gives you about 32GB of memory, combined with solid-state drives for the enterprise. Storage options are available in configurations all the way up to 1TB. This should mean that Dell and Google will be producing the most valuable performance-ready laptops to date, easily overpowering the Google Pixelbook (for now). 

For the time being, details into the pricing and availability of the Enterprise Dell Chromebooks are sketchy. The chances are that the cost is going to vary from one region to the next. However, some rumors suggest that you should be able to get your hands on the 2-in-1 Latitude for a price starting at around $820. On the other hand, the Latitude 5400 should be available starting for $700. 

Although the cost might seem a little high at first, it's worth noting that it comes with 24/7 support from the Chrome Enterprise and Dell ProSupport teams. Additionally, each of the new Chromebooks will come with access to Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity - to give you complete freedom on how you choose to work.