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HIPPA Compliant Communications with Ringcentral for Google

Both RingCentral and Google for Work have made adjustments to the services and applications they offer to make it so that healthcare companies can use them without compromising HIPAA compliance. Compliance measures laid forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) have become central to the everyday operations of healthcare companies responsible for handling PHI (Protected Health Information).

Google Apps for Work and RingCentral have a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) program that allows them to come to a contractual understanding with healthcare companies regarding HIPAA safeguards that are implemented or need need to be implemented in their products.


Healthcare companies can use RingCentral if they're looking for a cloud-based phone system that's HIPAA compliant. RingCentral's infrastructure offers the necessary security for healthcare companies regulated by HIPAA, and it also makes adjustments for the fact that patient interactions are now often taking place by mobile device. RingCentral's features make it a simple matter for companies to maintain patient care and satisfaction standards amid the rapidly evolving technology that's used to communicate while also preventing HIPAA violations that could be disastrous for healthcare companies.

Healthcare companies interested in using RingCentral can explore RingCentral's HIPAA BAA and learn more about efforts RingCentral has made to be HIPAA compliant by exploring several features on the company website like the healthcare page and a case study showing how Optimum Healthcare Solutions takes advantage of RingCentral's services.

Google for Work Apps

Security certifications that Google has attained- including ISO 27001 certifications and SOC 2 and SOC 3 Type II audits- attest to how reliable Google's applications are for handling sensitive data. Beyond security offered to all users in Google Apps, Google also offers HIPAA compliance through a BAA.

The business associate agreement offered for healthcare providers explains what Google programs constitute "Included Functionality", or services that are HIPAA compliant. "Included Functionality" in the Google suite of applications includes some of the most popular Google applications like Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and Google Sites. Google offers a HIPAA Compliance & Data Protection implementation guide to IT personnel at companies interested in using Google Apps for healthcare companies that details how Google Apps are compliant and how they can be used in a healthcare setting that's subject to HIPAA standards.

Combining the two HIPAA compliant services

Using RingCentral in combination with Google Apps for Work is the perfect solution for healthcare companies looking to the cloud for their work place solutions. This is especially true considering the fact that RingCentral and Google have collaborated to offer integration possibilities between the various applications offered by these two providers.

Google Apps for Healthcare companies can be integrated with RingCentral to offer common contacts between the two programs, phone calls made with a RingCentral number in a user's Gmail window, phone conferencing capabilities, scheduling capabilities integrated between the two programs, and more.