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New Features in October - GSuite (Google Apps for Work)

whatsnewgsuite.pngAs we prepared for Oktoberfest last week Google rebranded Google Apps for Work to GSuite.  the company also signaled a strong interest in transforming the suite into a more mature service aimed at enterprise and mid-market customers.   These changes allow the tech giant to consolidate its stake in the enterprise market while helping organizations boost productivity.  Google releases new features for GSuite every few weeks - Advantage: Google Cloud but September saw some especially great new capabilities as outlined here. 


G Suite falls under the recently rebranded umbrella unit – Google Cloud. The service encompasses all of the company's cloud-based services, including enterprise mobility, APIs, Google Cloud Platform and more. G Suite now boasts a more streamlined and focused approach that is highly collaborative and team-based. It achieves these objectives with the introduction of a bushel of new features.


Some of the notable changes introduced by Google Cloud in September 2016 include:


  • The Explore feature boosts productivity in Sheets, Docs and Slides
  • Smart scheduling in Google Calendar
  • Advanced search capabilities in Google Docs using regular expressions
  • Better deduplication flow when uploading files in Google Drive
  • Improved search functions in Drive
  • Gmail now adapts to varying screen sizes thanks to responsive design
  • Google+ is now part of the G Suite service

Easier research with Explore in Google Docs


The Explore feature in Docs is aimed at simplifying report writing and research tasks. The feature provides topic suggestions based on the topic of your document. The suggestions include images and other types of content. Explore generates the content from various sources, including Drive and Google Search. In turn, it helps reduce the time you spend crafting presentations.


Managing suspended users via the Google Calendar API


Google makes it easier for administrators to manage suspended users' data via both the Calendar API and the web interface. This allows you to reduce clutter by removing stale events and transferring data to new owners. The technology provider introduced these changes after realizing that many user accounts remain in a suspended state for extended periods prior to deletion. The tech giant is also working to introduce a viable solution to handle deleted users' data.


Quick Access in Google Drive


The inclusion of Quick Access in Drive is aimed at reducing time spent looking for files. The feature exploits the predictive power of machine learning to identify the file you want before you even start searching. The predictions are based on your workflow patterns and collaboration with team members in Drive.


Easier Chrome device management


Google has also simplified processes for managing multiple Chrome devices. You can now set up devices directly from the Admin Console. Also, Google is offering a 60-day free trial for the service (Canada and the U.S. only).


Gain instant insights with Explore in Google Sheets


Explore in Sheets provides a faster and easier way to convert words into formulas. The new feature eliminates the need to crunch numbers or craft formulas. As a result, it increases productivity by giving you more time to discover additional insights to improve your work.


Introducing Google Trips


As a G Suite customer, you can now take advantage of Google Trip. The new app works as a personalized tour guide to help you enjoy vacations by reducing hassles. It comes with wide-ranging information categories, including food and drink, reservations, things to do and much more. The app is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices.


Faster search in Google Drive


Google has improved the search function in Drive through natural language processing (NLP). You can now enjoy the power of Google search in Drive. This allows you to find files quicker and easier. NLP capabilities enable your team to search for documents in the same way they talk. For instance, “show me human resources reports from August 2016” yields the desired results. Drive deciphers the language more effectively.


Machine learning also ensures that the search function continues to improve over time. An autocorrect feature detects typos and suggests corrections just like in Google search.



Additional new features in G Suite Apps by Google Cloud.

  • Explore in Slides – simplifies design polishing by providing suggestions based on slide content.
  • Find A Time on iOS – Calendar's Find A Time feature is now available on iOS devices. It helps you set up meetings quicker by suggesting ideal times and venues based on your team members' schedules.
  • Easier content monitoring in Drive – administrators can access audit logs in the reports section of the Admin console and the Reports API.
  • Improved collaboration experience in Hangouts – the tool now handles up to 50 participants in live video feed meetings. Participants are invited using a short link or dial-in phone number, including those without accounts.


From automating scheduling of meetings to converting requests into formulas, G Suite is steadily showing signs of maturity. These capabilities reflect the overall direction taken by the industry. Tools like Drive, Calendar and Sheets make it easy for your team to improve productivity. Information flows freely between teams regardless of location or device used.