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OpenText Builds Deeper Bonds with Google Cloud

OpenText builds deeper bonds with Google Cloud

Lately, it seems as though there's been a lot of activity happening in the Google Cloud Platform community. Since this year's Google Cloud Next event in April, the leading cloud and technology company has expanded its relationships with various leading companies, ranging from partnerships with ATOS, to the purchase of leading analytics platform, Looker. 

The growth in the Google Cloud network means exciting things for developers and business leaders who rely on the GCP. The more that Google grows through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, the more services and solutions it will have to offer when it comes to helping you monitor and manage your data. One of the more recent companies to announce a deepening collaboration with Googles is OpenText. 

During Enterprise World, one of the largest gatherings of Enterprise Information Management Leaders available today, OpenText delivered a speech about the technologies and strategies required to help businesses unlock the "advantages of information." During the event, OpenText also announced that they would be building on new partnerships to enhance their "EIM" offerings, including a range of services, products, and collaborations to help customers move EIM workloads into the Google Cloud. 

As part of the newly expanded partnership, the Google Cloud team announced that it had chosen OpenText as a preferred partner for Enterprise Information Management services. In return, OpenText named Google Cloud its preferred option for enterprise cloud.


Building on a Powerful Relationship 

The partnership between Google Cloud and OpenText is heavily reliant on the close collaboration of the two engineering teams between the organizations. OpenText said that its enterprise customers are currently looking for new ways to consolidate their technology and access the full value of disaggregated data. To solve consumer problems, OpenText will now be offering containerized versions of a range of different enterprise information management applications. Containerized versions of InfoArchive, Documentum, Extended ECM, and the Archive Center will all be available going forward on the Google Cloud Platform. 

For companies in finance, retail, and other sectors, the newly containerized solutions from OpenText are crucial applications, necessary for handling modern and mission-critical workloads. According to the SVP of OpenText, Savinay Berry, customers are keen to move to the cloud in a way that is flexible, managed, and secure. By delivering EIM services on top of the GCP, OpenText will be able to offer their clients a single SLA solution, with a single point of contact too. 

The OpenText team also revealed that the work it has been doing recently had been integrated at a deep level with the Google infrastructure, which makes the deeper collaboration a distinct step forward. OpenText intends to leverage the Google Cloud multi-cloud offering, and hybrid cloud solution, Athos, to deploy and manage their containerized EIM application workloads in a flexible cloud environment. The containerized version of OpenText applications on the GCP is now "generally available" for Google and OpenText customers. 


What's Next for Google and OpenText?

Aside from leveraging the Anthos opportunity for containerization, OpenText has also revealed that it will be using Google Cloud's solution for global disaster recovery services to support customers with mission-critical workloads running in hybrid, on-premise, and cloud-based environments. This will allow for multi-layered and highly resilient global disaster recovery. On top of that, OpenText also announced that it is planning to integrate its full portfolio of products into the G-Suite architecture. This will allow for a more seamless experience among users that are accessing G Suite with EIM activities. Together, Google and OpenText hope to help some of the world's largest organizations to obtain more value from their data. 

Going forward, OpenText will also be integrating various crucial machine learning and artificial intelligence services available from the Google Cloud. This will allow the company to create unique solutions for specific industries in their consumer base. It will also mean that OpenText can bring more value to their existing suite of products, complete with a newly expanded go-to-market strategy with Google. The Joint go-to-market activities with Google will be focusing on specific industries, to begin with, particularly in the media, financial services, entertainment, public, and healthcare sectors. 

As cloud becomes a crucial consideration for countless companies, OpenText believes that a close relationship with the Google Cloud will help it to deliver the next generation of cloud-based content solutions to customers.