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3 Reasons Why You should Add Ringcentral for Google


When running a business, the one thing people will do on a daily basis is communicate with others. Making calls, sending emails, texting and even video chatting are the common ways people get in contact with one another if they are not having an in-person conversation. This requires a secure, reliable communication system, but the truth is, this isn't something that you may be able to say your company has just yet. This is probably because you haven't taken advantage of cloud communication or any of the many available business apps.


Oftentimes, when people are using their cell phones to get in contact with each other, whether it be via text, phone call or email, they experience one or more of the following:

  • Dropped calls

  • Difficulty sending/receiving emails

  • Difficulty sending/receiving texts

  • Lack of privacy

  • Lack of security


Why should you add Ringcentral for Google?

People often feel as though they have to stick with stringing multiple apps together to create a communication system for the workplace. You have options when it comes to how you want you and your employees to communicate, but ideally, you will want to use a system that makes communication quick and easy. With that being the case, Ringcentral for Google is one of the best options for more than its ability to provide you the fast and easy communication you need.


1.  Increased workflow efficiency with Ringcentral's Gmail Plug-in


When your employees come to work, you want to make sure they have a steady workflow. With their work requiring them to communicate with others, you need a business communication system that allows all of the apps your business uses to work together and make it easier for people to get into contact with one another, whether the company is small, mid-size or large, or has multiple offices in the same town or in different cities.


Ringcentral for Google allows employees to do the following and more:

  • Make and receive calls

  • Send and receive texts

  • Listen to voicemails

  • Schedule meetings

  • Fax


2.  Secure  and Compliant Voice Communication


Security is key when communicating with those who work for you. Thanks to cloud technology, you can be sure you have conversations that are secure because this type of technology is a transmission based process that safeguards data for all of the transmission instead of just part. This is important, especially if you are discussing or sending information that is confidential.


3.  Enterprise Grade VoIP Reliability in The Cloud


If people are paying a monthly fee for a phone service, they are expecting to be able to make and receive calls without any issues, especially if they are paying a lot for it. Unfortunately, reliable service is only available with certain vendors. Using one reliable, integrated system works better than using multiple ones for communication. Not only does using multiple vendors create an unreliable communication system, it is time-consuming and costly to have to deal with the issues that can arise when they are in use. You need a service that is always working and available so that it doesn't interfere with your revenue or your ability to keep your clients happy.




Owning a business is hard enough, which means you will want to avoid having to deal with issues that shouldn't even exist, like poor phone service. With the perfect communication system, you will have one less thing to worry about and can focus your energy on areas of the business that actually need your time and attention.


Ringcentral for Google will improve workplace efficiency and it's secure and reliable, which are all the things your business require to ensure people are in constant contact with one another and getting their work completed in a timely manner. Communication is key to the survival of your business, so don't let it suffer because your phone service continues to fail you.