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Ringcentral for Google Provides A Compliant Communications Solution for the Healthcare Industry.

ringcentral-for-google-healthcare.jpegThe delivery of great healthcare services requires the use of secure, cost effective communication systems. Ringcentral for Google's solutions make it easy for healthcare professionals to improve response times and in-house collaboration. In addition, organizations can lower operating expenses while complying with a wide variety of federal and state regulations. Modern, cloud based phone systems like Ringcentral are cost-effective and provide high security.

To achieve these objectives, healthcare organizations need to adopt systems that offer multiple channel options. The majority of patients use text messages (SMS), email, voice calls, web and a variety of instant messaging apps, such as Skype.

RingCentral Office for Google ROCKS THE G SUITE.

RingCentral offers all-inclusive cloud-based communication solutions for the healthcare sector. The comprehensive and secure options provide a practical way to streamline communications. The solutions can be used on multiple devices without undermining HIPAA compliance. In turn, organizations improve service standards and patient satisfaction.

Benefits of using RingCentral FOR Google

  • One business number – healthcare organizations take advantage of a single multi-purpose number that incorporates fax, voice and text messages. This allows healthcare professionals to interact with patients using personal smartphones without exposing their private numbers.
  • Security and HIPAA compliance – the comprehensive solution is ideal for HIPAA-regulated customers.
  • Paging – improves in-house collaboration by providing a quick and easy way to broadcast announcements. Staff can page using mobile or desktop devices.
  • Text messaging – this option enables staffers to communicate more conveniently regardless of location. SMS can be used to deliver appointment reminders to patients or confirmation requests.
  • Enhanced collaboration – the solution provides a viable way for healthcare professionals to join conference calls from home or office. Staffers are able to share different types of content in real-time, including images, pathology slides, charts, X-rays and much more.
  • Voicemail-to-email – with RingCentral Office staffers enjoy a variety of functionalities, including email notifications, sending faxes and voicemail messages as attachments. This improves operational efficiency.


The RingCentral Office virtual PBX phone system

This phone system is an advanced communication tool that allows entities to enhance interaction on various levels. It provides flexibility by enabling staff members to connect to a business phone system using mobile devices from multiple locations. The solution adapts to growth and regular personnel changes thanks to its scalability and versatility. The ability to introduce new phone services with ease also expands functionality.


Key benefits of the RingCentral cloud phone system

  • Provides a convenient way for mobile device users to enjoy unlimited access to a business phone system through a secure app
  • Organizations enjoy the benefits of a stable phone system without the need to worry about the costs of installing and maintaining PBX equipment
  • Streamline communication using an integrated system
  • Comes with high security and a disaster recovery mechanism
  • Easy to use from anywhere

The RingCentral Office communication solution replaces legacy PBX systems, which are associated with considerable cost drawbacks and limited functionality. Today's healthcare organizations require flexible and scalable systems capable of improving collaboration and patient satisfaction without compromising security.

Mobile integration is a key factor when choosing the ideal system for the healthcare industry. In addition, virtual PBX phone solutions come with cost-effective benefits. On the other hand, traditional systems require a significant upfront investment.