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RingCentral for Google Keeps Getting Even Better.

RingCentral for Google has been updated again and is another step towards seamless integration, collaboration, speed, efficiency, security, and simplicity.   As a cloud communications system used in conjunction with GSuite Business,  RingCentral for Google is the most powerful communications solutions available for business.


Here's Why you want to deploy RingCentral over other PBX Solutions


The idea of RingCentral for Google is its tight integration with the rest of G Suite.   Your communications system should not have to stand alone or loosely integrated. You should not have to leave Gmail, for example, to make a call. And now you don’t.


Your productivity can be increased and enhanced my incorporating all of your business needs into G Suite. You can now make calls directly from Gmail, expand the reach of Hangouts to 1,000 participants, and fax any file from Google Drive or Google Docs. If you instinctively believe you should be able to accomplish a task at a certain point in your productivity stream, not you can. RingCentral constructs one of the missing pieces in the integration of G Suite to your business day.


What are the Features of RingCentral and How Will They Benefit My Business Day or That of My Team?

  • You will be able to make calls through RingCentral from your personal or company Gmail account
  • RingCentral will assist you in managing your business communications
  • You will be able to combine your Google and RingCentral contacts in one simple and searchable screen
  • Conference calls and RingCentral Meetings can be managed from Google Calendar
  • Any phone number displayed in Gmail can be dialed with one click
  • You can listen to your voicemails from within Gmail
  • As many as 1,000 participants can be invited to any Google Hangouts session
  • Your entire communications history can be viewed. That includes voicemails, faxes, texts, and calls.


How Does RingCentral for Google Work? Is it a Difficult Process?


In a word, no. It is not a difficult process. Like other apps in the G Suite family, RingCentral is a logical fit within the system. First, you will add RingCentral for Google extensions to your already existing Chrome browser through the Chrome Web Store. After RingCentral is installed, it integrates its productivity features seamlessly into Google.


You will then be able to use the RingCentral dialing pad to manually dial a chosen phone number or you can click any number found within your contacts or emails and RingCentral’s RingOut function will connect your call. You can also send and receive text messages and faxes, schedule online meetings, and organize audio conferences that will appear on your Google Calendar.


How can RingCentral Empower Your Team Members with Access to Their Communications at Any Time from Anywhere?

  • Your team members can communicate from any device while switching devices without interruption in the communications. That includes their mobile phone, desk phone, Chromebox for Work, Chrome device for Work, Chromebook for Work, etc.
  • They will be able to quickly find both Google and RingCentral contacts from one easily searchable screen
  • The audio communications of your Hangouts sessions will be archived for easy access within your RingCentral call recording
  • Your communications history is instantly accessible – anytime and anywhere

RingCentral has a cool app for business, but why should companies deploy it over other Cloud PBX Solutions?


Let’s look at this within the context of the five primary IT challenges:


  • Multiple Locations: RingCentral can be used anywhere at any time from any device.
  • Scalability: A cloud PBX grows with your business, no matter where that business takes you across the globe. There is no need to purchase further equipment as you grow.
  • Security & Reliability: Because RingCentral – as opposed to its competitors – seamlessly incorporates itself into your other Google apps and your Chrome browser, it works reliably within its own family.
  • Integration: You can meet, text, fax, and call from within Google for Work apps.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) : The bottom line is the bottom line, as they say. Because it is a cloud based system, there is no maintenance and constant upkeep of traditional PBX equipment.




The phone system for your business no longer has to be set apart from the cloud business apps you use to do a majority of your work. RingCentral operates seamlessly in conjunction with your Google for Work apps wherever you are. RingCentral can also be counted on to have the hallmarks of the G Suite apps – integration, quality, reliability, and security.