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online-meetings-software.pngNot too long ago, the world of video conferencing seemed to have evolved as much as it ever would. That was before the cloud disrupted telepresence systems. These days, platforms and providers offer video conferencing solutions replete with so many bells and whistles that they mimic everything a real world boardroom can offer, from document exchange to high definition visuals. Voice over IP (VoIP) service companies like RingCentral bundle a conference call line and online meeting software.  The online meeting software has earned excellent reviews so we put the free add-on up against GotoMeeting.

Online Meetings - The Presenter's Interface


Cutting edge software makes RingCentral and GotoMeeting a little confusing at first because it can take some time for administrators to get a hold over new interfaces. Both platforms offer slick and responsive software that becomes far less cumbersome once you’ve configured a few users. GoToMeeting is among the most uncluttered conferencing platforms to use, but part of the reason for that is its lack of advanced meeting options like polling. To help its users to settle into its interface more forgivingly, RingCentral has included a number of tutorials with its software.


Networks and Phones - A RingCentral Advantage


RingCentral supports a stellar array of IP phones alongside the preconfigured ones it sells directly to clients. It also supports a massive 1000 conference callers. If you need to transition to an on-site VoIP system, you merely need to plug your preconfigured phones into the network and turn them on.

GotoMeeting works on all Android devices. Its network is reliable, but you need PINs and access codes to use it. This system has allowed the platform to conform to the HIPAA compliance act, so if privacy is of chief concern, you’re covered.


Features Comparison: RingCentral vs. GotoMeeting


  • RingCentral and GotoMeeting display your meeting video in full high definition.
  • RingCentral has automated call-distribution queues for up to 1000 callers, allowing you to create a sequential call list or one in a round robin format. GotoMeeting relies on Citrix’s conferencing service, which is optimized for international satellite offices, supporting one presenter and five attendees.
  • RingCentral’s social media support is perfect for marketers who need to create webinars to use alongside real world events. To access similar functionality with GotoMeeting, you must use its GoToWebinar, which has limited social media features.
  • GotoMeeting is remarkably robust as a platform, but it doesn’t come with pre-packaged cloud storage. RingCentral has a cloud-based private branch exchange that merges with Box, Google Docs, and Dropbox, along with CloudFax. If you’re a Google user, you probably won’t have to lift a finger to bring any of your shared documents into your virtual meeting space.
  • Google Calendar and Outlook Express integrate impeccably with RingCentral, so your scheduling and emailing are about to become a breeze. GotoMeeting integrates with Mac and PC. Its foundation is as a screensharing service, so instead of integrating with standard applications, it’s created its own collaboration tools along with shared keyboard and mouse control.


Scalability - Meeting Software Needs to Grow with your business.


When your business is still in its infancy, every product or service you use needs to grow easily with you. VoIP platforms are no different, and these two both achieve that through a range of pricing structures. RingCentral VS and GotoMeeting have similar entry prices. RingCentral scales up and down smoothly and is offered at no extra cost to owners of RingCentral Office. It’s open platform, so if you need to add other applications to it, your imagination is your only limit. Its plans are divided into Standard, Premium, and Enterprise editions. GoToMeeting offers Starter, Pro, and Plus plans.

Free trials are offered on both platforms, so you’ll be able to take your time in testing out which pricing model you need to begin with.



Pricing for The Online Meeting Software Contenders


It's hard to put a price on RingCentral meetings since the software is included with even the basic VoIP PBX plan for free on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.  

If we consider this basic RingCentral plan, which goes for about the same $25 per user as GotoMeeting then RingCentral Meetings walks away the clear winner.   As your company grows so does the value in RingCentral.  GotoMeeting needs to add a lot of value to their offering in order try to compete. 


GotoMeeting Vs RingCentral Meetings - Both Include:

  1. One-click meeting recording
  2. Roll-based and VoIP options
  3. Drawing tools on shared screens
  4. high definition video feeds


RingCentral’s package is tightly put together and well thought out. It’s been carefully integrated with all core applications, and it offers an unparalleled breadth of services. GotoMeeting has remained RingCentral’s primary competitor in the online meeting space for excellent reason, but its focus has been on the robustness of its platform rather than on the features themselves.