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RingCentral Security and Privacy: Vetted by Telecoms, Trusted by Enterprise.


RingCentral offers award-winning communications solutions designed to help companies boost efficiency in a flexible, cost-effective manner. It achieves this objective while meeting industry best practices relating to security and privacy controls. The RingCentral for Google offering also leverages G Suite's robust security to protect sensitive data.

The RingCentral platform employs multiple layers of security systems to protect communications and prevent toll fraud. The entity believes that security is a shared responsibility between the service provider and customers. Optimal protection is achieved through sound governance practices and policies.

These measures are implemented within operational processes and service deployment (process). In addition, they encompass technological aspects, such as infrastructure layers and the application. Customers implement controls through user permissions, account policies and login credentials.

RingCentral is responsible for designing end-to-end security into the product and managing service delivery. It also bolsters physical and environmental security of the communications service.


End-to-end security for Voice and Data

RingCentral gives customers peace of mind by implementing advanced systems with up to seven layers of security. This is aimed at creating a barrier of protection at every level of the phone system's processes and architecture. The technology also protects the enterprise levels of client organizations.

Transmission security is achieved through encryption to prevent interception of communications. The vendor uses Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and the Transport Layer Security (TLS) to provide maximum protection for all endpoints, including the RingCentral for Google G Suite Edition.

Some of the additional safeguards deployed include multiple authentication levels and firewalls. When it comes to infrastructure, the service provider employs a number of security mechanisms, including:

  • Payment processing - full PCI DSS 3.1 compliance
  • Administrative functions - multiple authentication levels
  • Applications and network - session border controllers and firewalls
  • Technology - fraud analytics and intrusion-detection systems
  • Operational functions - system hardening, monitoring and vulnerability scans

RINGCENTRAL DATA CENTERS deploy Enterprise-grade environmental and physical security at locations.

RingCentral technology is deployed at various data centers that are SSAE 16 and ISO 27001-audited. The sites are protected by security guards, robust electronic prevention systems and engineering specialists. The potential for data loss and service interruption due to catastrophe is significantly reduced thanks to the geographic diversity of the locations.


Ringcentral provides proactive fraud mitigation

Access control and active monitoring help RingCentral combat toll fraud. The vendor employs usage throttling and detection controls. The global security department closely monitors irregular calling patterns to prevent unauthorized usage.

The Company has an enterprise-ready rating for cloud security

RingCentral's cloud security technology and mechanisms consistently earn accolades from leading industry analysts. The platform meets stringent enterprise-class performance and security requirements. It recently earned the highest Skyhigh’s CloudTrust rating of Enterprise-Ready.

The accolade shows that the communications provider satisfies requirements for identity verification, legal protection, business practices, data protection and service security. Skyhigh evaluates thousands of cloud services based on specific criteria developed in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).


Ringcentral for Google Privacy overview

RingCentral is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and those who interact with its technologies, including website and applications. The vendor adheres to the best privacy practices and procedures. It utilizes HIPAA-compliant technology to ensure peace of mind when it comes to the handling of sensitive health information.

RingCentral is the recipient of TRUSTe's Privacy Seal, which demonstrates that TRUSTe has reviewed the vendor's privacy policy and practices for compliance. Some of the key considerations for certification include accountability and transparency in relation to the collection, use and disclosure of customer information collected by RingCentral.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) commended the service provider's technologies. “RingCentral's security policy and technology have been vetted by its largest carrier partners - AT&T, BT and Telus—all of which are very security-minded,” stated the IDC in January. 2016.


Easily Secure Voice and Data Communications with Ringcentral and Google Cloud.

Google Apps Admins appreciate the peace of mind that comes from working with Google Cloud Platform and products like G Suite Business and Enterprise.     Dialtone access is critical to any business, especially in a fast growing global marketplace.   Ringcentral for Google provides an unrivaled balance of the highest security and privacy standards and access to the most innovative solutions in Unified Communications.

Ringcentral for Google integrates on a lot of different levels.  Customers can choose from widget style calling features inside to gmail to full fledged polycom desk and conference room phones and devices.  Give one of Coolhead Tech's Apps Admins a "Ring" at 888-Apps-211 to try it out and set an appointment to discuss options for deploying ringcentral for Google for your company.