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What's Glip and should your work team care?


Imagine sitting in your office, attempting to have a productive day. There are things to do and many different tools needed to do them: Email, video chat, calendars, one-on-one information sharing, managing the blog, among just a few (hundred) others. Face it, it's not nearly as fun to have a million apps and browser tabs open. Fortunately for everyone, there are products out there to simply it all. One in particular is setting a new standard for corporate organization.

Glip is a service that provides the user with access to all of their organizational needs in one place. No more opening and closing tabs, logging in and out constantly--with Glip, you do it all from one spot.

But why does this matter?


  • Glip allows you access to your account from absolutely anywhere!
  • They even have their services available for mobile devices. Straight from a phone, employees can video conference, group chat, organize and share calendars, and so much more.


  • Glip makes it easy to combine many different essential work tools. Things like MailChimp, Zendesk, OneDrive, Evernote, and Dropbox are just a few examples of the apps that can be easily accessed directly through your Glip account, no separate web browsers needed. Wish there was something else that Glip would integrate into their file sharing options? At the bottom of the integration screen in your account, there is actually a section that allows users to vote for desired content.


User reviews praised this feature:

"(I enjoyed the) integration with Trello, MailChimp, Dropbox and more." 

"The way Glip integrates Slack-like team chat with basic project management functionality is brilliant. You can create tasks, events of notes all within the Glip chat stream, which saves a lot of time and makes the learning curve a lot more simple."


Collaborate on Work projects with Glip

The days of having to make ten different phone calls to colleagues are over. No more group texts blowing up your phone, either. Glip lets everything company-related be done in one place, whether it involves large group or small team collaboration. Each company's account is separated into different sections for convenience.

  • In the People section, you can invite co-workers or anyone with your domain name to join your list. If you want to send a message to a specific colleague, simply click on their name, and you have the option of several different kinds of communication, from chat to video to email. Create tasks, upload files, and basically share with these people any kind of work that you need to.
  • In the Group Section, you can chat or share with three or more people. This is a great feature when you have a large group.
  • In the Task section, you can see a list of projects and the relevant tasks associated with seeing the project through to completion. Tasks can be sent out to individuals or groups as well.
  • Other sections include Notes, Links, and Files.

Reviews show a consistent trend of users enjoying how easy Glip has made team communication:


"I like that I can hop on Glip and collaborate with other transcribers who are working on the same project. We share spellings, names and events for context and ask others to listen to a snippet of audio when we aren't sure what we are hearing."

Affordability? For Collaboration Apps Glip is the best value.

Everything Glip has to offer is not only extremely convenient, but very affordable as well.  For Ringcentral VOIP PBX customers Glip is FREE.  

  • For no cost, users can have unlimited posts, storage, and external integration, plus 500 minutes of video chat per company/month.
  • Only $5 per person/month will get you the above plus 1000 minutes video chat per person/month shared.
  • $10 will get you all the services mentioned above plus 3000 minutes video chat per person/month shared.
  • Guest users are FREE and UNLIMITED.


Reviews spoke highly of the affordability:

"Pricing cannot be beat as most features you would need are totally free. I have no limits on teams or projects, or even how long conversations are archived for, and it is all free."


Team members in a company of any size need assistance once in awhile. Glip has a special section just for support in each company's team feed.

  • Direct questions to a specific person.
  • Find out answers through small-group assistance.
  • Ask for help about a particular subject company-wide.


When it comes to maintaining a business, so much is involved that organization can be tricky. Glip takes care of that part for you, ensuring that communication runs smoothly and efficiency is maximized. Reviews time and time again praise the service for convenience. So why should you care? Well, if you care about profit and productivity, then you'll care about Glip, one of the easiest ways to organize a business.