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Coolhead Tech Wins HubSpot Impact Award for Integrations Innovation


We're honored to be announced winner of the HubSpot Integrations Innovations Impact Award for our work with the Ben Carson for President campaign. 


The Integrations Innovations Impact Award recognizes creative use of HubSpot’s Connect Platform and honors the innovative way Hubspot Partners, like Coolhead Tech, provide unique services for their clients.  


Our team here at HubSpot is proud to call Coolhead Tech a Partner and recognize them with this Award.

     Patrick Shea
     Field & Channel Marketing, Director at HubSpot, Inc.


In late June, Coolhead Tech submitted a blog entry for the Impact Awards titled This Orange Kool-Aid Makes the Impossible Possible describing how the Carson campaign was able to “defy the logic of engagement in electoral politics and astonish the nation.”


The Carson campaign sought to build a new level of intimacy with voters all over the country.  Through the HubSpot - Zendesk integration and software licensed by Eusocial, the campaign created the #AskBen platform. #AskBen was a unique two-way messaging service that enabled supporters to have 24/7 access to the candidate. 




We found that personally connecting one on one with the American people through a medium they felt comfortable using opened up a dialogue that hasn't been seen before in a presidential campaign.

                     Nathan Berning,
                    CEO at  Eusocial



Over 300,000 organic subscribers nationwide engaged with Dr. Carson through the #AskBen service. 



Voters across the nation were able to submit their questions, comments and/or concerns directly to the campaign by opting-in via text message or email.

HubSpot’s responsive mobile design allowed for a smooth integration with the #AskBen messaging service. Voter questions were routed to Cloud-based customer support platform Zendesk for prioritization and replies.


The Zendesk integration pushed replies back to the campaign’s HubSpot portal to create or supplement a contact's information in HubSpot's CRM.


The integration was one of many leveraged on behalf of the campaign.  The integration of other leading Cloud solutions such as Shopify,  Eventbrite,  Google Apps and Chrome combined with custom integrations built on Hubspot's Integration Platform helped support the campaign's unprecedented online engagement. 





Coolhead’s Apps Admins helped make it possible for millions of supporters to connect with me on a daily basis to get questions answered and to provide their own opinions. Congratulations to the entire Coolhead Tech team on winning this Hubspot Impact Award for innovation.

Dr. Ben Carson
Retired Neurosurgeon and Former Republican Presidential Candidate