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Attend our July RingCentral Demo Day Online and learn about Unified Communications for G Suite Businesses.

ucaas-magic-quadrant.jpgHere at Coolhead Tech, our Google Apps Admins focus on the latest innovations in cloud computing for businesses and education.   When it comes to Unified Communications for Mid-market and enterprise customers we recommend RingCentral for Google and we'll show you why in this upcoming live demo on July 27.



WHAT:    Demonstration of RingCentral's UCaaS service 

WHERE:  Via Screenshare/RingCentral Meetings.

Streamlining multiple apps into one, simplifying their interfaces and reducing their performance footprint are prioritized by the tech industry. The cloud epitomizes this by removing expensive hardware from the equation and reducing most concerns of cost and maintenance.   RingCentral for Google allows people to focus on being productive, not juggling too many things at once.

With RingCentral for Google, you get a complete cloud communications system that works with IP Desk phones, smart phones, tablets, desk and computers.

  • Tight Google integration can provision Ringcentral users/extensions through SAML

  • 100% Cloud based, no cards, hard drives or other equipment to deal with.

  • RingCentral for Google is Packed with advanced features, it’s a fraction of the cost of a traditional system

If you're business-savvy, this all probably sounds good to you. However, any sharp businessman or businesswoman will want more than just a 600 word blog post before considering such a major change to their company's applications. To learn more about Google Apps for Work and RingCentral, you should attend our live demo of RingCentral and an overview of all of it's innovative features and integrations.

To learn more about RingCentral for Google in particular, you can read RingCentral's free eBook on the topic, which discusses the G Suite integration in more detail while also providing other sources to research.