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RingCentral Meetings Vs. Webex Meetings


Online meetings,  a staple in how we work today.  Now in HD!   Earlier this month we compared RingCentral's free/included online meeting software to GotoMeeting.   Today it's Cisco's Webex Premium 25 versus Ringcentral Meetings.   

To determine which platform is best you, consider your needs and how convenient the platform is for you. If you need to meet with your remote team, what will help you accomplish tasks and communicate more effectively? Determining the needs of you and your team will make it easy to decide which online meeting platform is best.

Regarding the best online meeting software available, the battle for the better App for Work is between RingCentral VS WebEx Premium 25 for up to 25 participants in an online meeting.


Comparing collaboration features in Web Meetings


RingCentral Meetings allows a high degree of collaboration among workers. Depending on which edition of RingCentral you have, you will be limited to 4, 25, or 50 participants in your meeting. WebEx Premium 25 limits you to 25 participants in your meeting just as the name indicates. RingCentral participants do not have to be on the same device as the host, they can be on a Mac, Windows PC, or any mobile device and join the meeting. Through RingCentral’s screen sharing you can get access granted to edit someone else's document. With the markup tool, the person who is sharing a document is able to draw directly on the screen. Both platforms have a markup tool or a whiteboard. Also, both platforms allow you to initiate a chat with the entire group or a particular individual.


Key Integrations For WebEx and Ringcentral


RingCentral lets you integrate a calendar which could be Google's iCal or Outlook calendar and you can create a meeting by simply opening the calendar and scheduling a date. RingCentral integrates with storage apps such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive to make it easy to edit and display documents and spreadsheets during the meeting. With WebEx, you need to utilize Meeting Spaces to add files you want to share during the meeting. The WebEx platform does not allow you to seamlessly add files from cloud storage as RingCentral does. You’re able to call in to join a meeting on either platform, but with WebEx you can use VoIP.


Unique Meeting features and Functions


Both RingCentral and Webex Premium 25 allow the host or a selected participant to record the meetings for later review. One of RingCentral's key features is the safe driving mode which allows you to join a meeting hands-free in your car, video is disabled, and audio plays through your car's speakers. The microphone is muted when you're not speaking so that other people do not know you're driving. Local dial-in numbers are always provided by RingCentral so that participating in the meeting does not come at any extra charge.


If you're paying for Webex Meetings with up to 25 participants, quit now and get RingCentral.


Alternatively, with WebEx you will incur additional charges for the Call Me feature. Adding Call Me to your premium plan lets the host and participants join a meeting by simply answering the phone, removing the need to dial a number. This unique feature can help ensure that all participants are in the meeting exactly when you need them. This added feature charges participants for an allotted amount of minutes each billing cycle. It's important to note that while anyone can join a RingCentral meeting, only RingCentral members may be a host. Webex Premium 25 is unique in its ability to let you share the host/ presenter position among multiple people. This is convenient if for example, if more than one C-level member needs to lead the meeting.


Comparing RingCentral VS WebEx

RingCentral includes highly competitive online meeting software for up to 25 users at no cost (aka Free online meetings) with their most popular VoIP plan.   For less money than you spend on Webex Meetings you get a VoIP line, full featured cloud PBX with unlimited calling and a mobile app for online meetings and business calling/texting.     If you're paying for Webex Meetings with up to 25 participants, quit now and get RingCentral.




WebEx allows you to password protect your meetings, whereas RingCentral gives you the control to block interruptions and prevent a participant from joining a meeting that is in process. You can edit someone else’s document with RingCentral VS WebEx allows complete view & remote control of someone else’s desktop. This high level of interaction and extensive remote control allows you to do a great deal more than editing a single document, as it grants you the function of the entire computer.


It may be ideal to choose a platform that integrates with a calendar that you're already using. considering where your files are stored that you want to share during the meeting, which platform promotes ease-of-use for you? If many of the documents that your organization uses are kept in cloud storage, RingCentral VS WebEx is likely more convenient. Think about the level at which you want the participants to be able to collaborate. Should they be able to only share and edit documents, or is it better that they're able to share their entire desktop? Communication and collaboration among teams are essential. It's important to find the right tool to conduct productive meetings.